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About Me:

Originally I am from Tucson, Arizona. I attended school in Northern California and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in business, with a concentration in Accounting, from San Jose State University. I have lived in Bend now for 15 years and absolutely love it here. The area is beautiful, and coming from a large sprawling city in California, I’m enthralled with the small town atmosphere and the change in seasons throughout the year. I am a snow skier, and I am ecstatic with the fact that, when I have the time, I can be at the mountain and skiing within half an hour.

I started my bookkeeping business, here in Bend, in 2001. I have worked in the accounting field for over 25 years now for both large  and small companies.  I have a very varied background. I love variety in my work. It makes my profession more interesting and challenging.


What I can do for you:

Having worked for many years with CPA’s directly, and through clients, I have gained the knowledge of reporting for tax and auditing purposes. From the knowledge I have obtained, I am well aware of what CPA’s and tax preparers require for year-end reporting and taxes. I will keep your books accurate during the year, which will give you the confidence that you have everything well prepared, entered, and reported correctly. When it’s time for your CPA or tax preparer to do your taxes, you will be ready. You won’t be scrambling to get things together, making sure the numbers are correct. This saves time and money. Also, since I am doing all the prep work for the tax preparer, who charges a higher hourly fee than I do, they will have less to do, which also saves you money.

I’d love to help you organize your books so that your business can run more efficiently, thus saving you time and money.

Mid-Year Special!!

Right now I am offering a special deal:  A 1-hour consultation and preliminary review of your books and bookkeeping methods for free. 

Thank you,


Cynthia Johnson
Better Bookkeeping