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Process payroll and pay employees via check or direct deposit. A free subscription through Quickbooks payroll will be provided.

Payroll Taxes:

Make sure all payroll tax returns and reports are filed accurately and on time. Prepare W-2's at year end.

Financial Statements and Reports:

Prepare and provide accurate financial statements as needed for you and outside requestors.  These reports are extremely helpful in analyzing the profitability of your company.

Job Costing:

Keep track of income and expenses by job and provide job cost reports as needed.  This provides your company with the knowledge that it is being profitable on each and every job.


Record inventory adjustments and provide accurate inventory reports as needed.  Inventory can sometimes be a company's largest asset.  Correct inventory counts are important.

Account Reconciliations:

Prepare the various reconciliation's for accounts as needed.  This insures that your balances are up to date and correct.

Accounts Payable and Receivable:

Record and pay bills in a timely and cost saving manner.  Record and mail invoices when needed  These two operations make sure your cash flow is balanced.

Bank Deposits:

Prepare and take deposits to the bank. This will save you time having to run to the bank.